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The following is a list of questions most often asked of Rep. Royce. Each question includes links to help you find answers to your questions. As always, please feel free to contact our office in Brea at (714) 255-0101 or in Washington at (202) 225-4111 with any further questions.

How do I look up a bill or other legislative information?
Whether by bill number or key word, the Library of Congress' Thomas website is a great resource for looking up legislative information. This link is also on the front page of Rep. Royce's website.

Does Rep. Royce have internship opportunities available?
Yes. Internships are a great opportunity for interested students. Rep. Royce welcomes interns in his Fullerton, CA and Washington, D.C. offices. Typically interns come during the summer months, or for a semester during the school year.

How do I purchase a U.S. flag to be flown over the Capitol Building?
Constituents may purchase U.S. flags through their Member of Congress. They can also have them flown over the U.S. Capitol Building in honor of certain events or occasions.

What is the 39th district like?
Visit Rep. Royce's district description page that tells you all about the 39th district.

What should I do if I need assistance with a federal agency?
As a Member of Congress, one of my most important responsibilities is to help constituents interact with the many agencies and offices of the federal government. To begin the process, federal agencies require you complete a Privacy Act release form. Click on "What should I do if I need assistance with a federal agency?" above to access the form.

How do I contact Rep. Royce?
Rep. Royce is very accessible and willing to meet his constituents. You may call, write, fax, or email him anytime with your thoughts, suggestions and concerns. Constituents may drop by his district office in Orange to say hello, or visit the office while they are in Washington, D.C.

What committees does Rep. Royce serve on?
Rep. Royce serves on two committees: Foreign Affairs and Financial Services.

If I mail something to Rep. Royce's office, will it get there?
Mail delivery to Rep. Royce's Brea office is, and always has been, uninterrupted. The anthrax attacks in the fall of 2001 disrupted mail for many federal buildings and agencies in Washington, D.C. especially in areas where contaminated letters were found. As a result of the need for increased security around the Capitol Building, mail delivery to Rep. Royce's Washington, D.C. office is delayed. All mail is irradiated in an offsite screening facility. Letters bound for all congressional offices in Washington, D.C. take about 3-4 weeks for delivery. Any type of package or larger delivery is permitted on a very limited basis, even from companies like FedEx or UPS. Please keep this delay in mind if you mail something to Rep. Royce's Washington, D.C. office.

How do I schedule a meeting with Rep. Royce?
Rep. Royce and members of his staff often meet with constituents and listen to their thoughts and concerns. To schedule a meeting, please email his scheduler in Brea, CA:, or his scheduler in Washington, DC: depending on where you would like your meeting to take place.

Where can I find the websites of a particular federal agency or department?
Use this link for a complete list from

Who is my representative in the California State Assembly?
Use your zip code to find out who represents you in the CA State Assembly.

Who is my California State Senator?
Find websites for each Senator and information on how to find out who your Senator is from the CA State Senate homepage.

Where can I find out how Rep. Royce voted?
Link to the Clerk of the House to find out how each Member of Congress voted. To search for the most recent votes, click on the link under U.S. House of Representatives Roll Call Votes for the 114th Congress.

How do I contact my U.S. Senators?
Every state has two U.S. Senators elected to six year terms. California's U.S. Senators are: The Honorable Barbara Boxer and The Honorable Diane Feinstein .

How can I sign up for emails from Rep. Royce?
Each week when Congress is in session Rep. Royce puts out an Email update to people that have signed up for it. To jump directly to the sign up page click here. To find past copies of Royce's E-Newsletters to the residents of the 39th district click here.

How can I get a copy of Rep. Royce's official headshot?
If you would like a hard-copy photograph, please call his office at (714) 255-0101 or (202) 225-4111.

Where can I learn about schools in the 39th district?
Orange County is home to some of the best schools in the country. Use this link to Rep. Royce's page on schools in the 39th district to learn more about the education system and the opportunities in Orange County. On this page you will also find links to school report cards to find out how each school is preforming and information on emergency preparedness to help keep you and your child safe.

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