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The 40th district is home to the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB), which trains more than 5,000, military Reservists and National Guard. The JFTB is a California National Guard installation that provides military readiness and disaster support in the heart of Southern California and sustains operations for many federal, state and local agencies. The airfield at the base is the sole remaining military airfield in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. National Guard and Reserve members are critical to our nation's military force and the California National Guard also provides disaster response to the State of California. Guard and Reserves have concurrent status as members of both the military and civilian sectors. Because deployments and ongoing missions often require the sustained presence of our nation's Guard and Reserve components, it is important that they know the support that is available to them and their families. Unlike active duty families who often reside on or near units and support services, many Guard and Reserve families live in civilian communities where military information and support is not readily available and the resources and systems to address any concerns are not easily identifiable. Because of this, a key resource for Guard and Reserve families has become the Internet. The following is a list of online resources that can help identify services, provide avenues for researching benefits and entitlements, and assist with seeking specific responses to concerns that families of the Guard and Reserve may have. In addition to the online resources listed below, Rep. Royce can also help Guard and Reserve members and their families. If you or a loved one have recently been called up for active duty, if you have questions about your healthcare plan, your pay, your pension, or if you are looking to join a local support group or even if you just need more information please contact Rep. Royce in his Orange office at (714) 744-4130.

Helpful links:

Department of Labor's FAQ about Guard and Reserve Benefits
This site provides commonly asked questions and answers of those being called to active duty.

Employment Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
Tasked with facilitating private and public understanding of the Guard and Reserve program, this organization's website provides tips, frequently asked questions, online forms for military members and information for employers.

Getting the Call to Active Duty: Information for the Natioinal Guard and Reserves
Information from the National Military Family Association.

VA Benefits Summary for National Guard and Reserve Personnel
This pamphlet (in PDF format) provides information on VA benefits for service members. Links are provided to assist with navigation through the VA website and to identify VA facilities and state offices.

Reserve Affairs: Family Readiness from the Office of the Secretary of Defense
This site provides documents detailing facets of Guard and Reserve programs. The "Family Readiness Toolkit" and the "Guide to Reserve Family Member Benefits" will be particularly helpful to family members.

Additional links:

California National Guard Homepage
This is the official site of the California National Guard.

NMFA Guard and Reserve Links
This site from the National Military Family Association provides helpful links.

American Red Cross: Military Members and Families
This site acquaints families with services available for the military through the Red Cross so that assistance if easily accessible should a need arise.

Links to Military Service Departments and Organizations
This is a link to section C-3 of the "Family Readiness Toolkit" from Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs.

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