From obtaining a driver's license to registering to vote, we all go through many stages in our lives. Below are some links to help make the events in your life easier.


California Birth Certificate request

Apply for a new or replacement Social Security Card

California immunization guidelines for children

Federal immunization guidelines for children

Child passenger safety laws

Starting School:

Look up fiscal, demographic and performance data on California's K-12 schools

Immunization guidelines to attend school

Turning 16:

California driver's license information

What you need to know when buying a car

Vehicle smog check

California vehicle registration and title information

California driving laws

Automobile insurance information

Laws regarding driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

How do I change my name on my driver's license and/or identification card?

How do I notify DMV when I change my address?

Turning 18:

File for the Selective Service
Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service.

Register to vote

After High School Graduation:

California High School Exit Examination

California student academic achievement and program requirements

California Colleges

Preparing for College

California financial aid assistance

Finding and applying for federal financial aid

Apply to a U.S. Military Service Academy

Starting a Job:

California labor and employment site
Current information for employers, job seekers, and those already employed in California.

Starting a buisness in California

Job Seeker
From the U.S. Department of Labor, this site has information on every step of the job search process.

Filing for unemployment insurance, disability insurance or worker's compensation

Filing for Social Security disability insurance

Federal health plans and benefits

California health care services

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services

Medi-Cal benefits

U.S. Small Business Administration

California Small Business Administration offices

Financing your small business

Getting Married:

Obtain a California Certificate of Public Marriage

How do I notify Social Security that I changed my address?

How do I change my name on on my driver's license and/or identification (ID) card?

Your First Home:

Buying a home

Renting a home

Selling a home

Doing home improvements

California residential insurance guide

HUD: Homes at reduced prices

HUD's mortgage insurance programs

Cal-Vet Home Loans

Filing Taxes:

Newcomers to California

Filing taxes in Califorina

Filing business taxes in California

California tax forms

Federal tax information for individuals

Federal tax information for businesses

IRS frequently asked questions

IRS forms and publications


Passport information

Visa services

Passport application forms

International travel information and travel warnings


Top 10 Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement

How should I prepare for retirement?

Apply for Social Security benefits

Medicare eligibility, enrollment, & premiums

Social Security benefits for people with disabilities

Passing of a Loved One:

Obtain a California Death Certificate

VA burial and memorial benefits

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