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Recently, I introduced the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act, legislation which would make the possession, sale, and purchase of shark fins in the United States illegal acts

To end shark finning, we need to end the demand for shark fins. By authoring this legislation, this legislation took an important step towards achieving this.

Why now? Fins from as many as 73 million sharks end up in the global market every year, putting some species at risk of extinction. Five of the 11 countries that export fins to the United States have no shark finning bans in place, making it likely that fins coming into the United States are from sharks that have been finned. And there are significant discrepancies in the government's estimates of the number of metric tons of shark fins that are actually entering and leaving the United States.

Eliminating the American market for this product will contribute to less demand, and ultimately fewer animals harmed. Rest assured, I will keep you updated on this important issue.

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