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Iran, Mexican Cartels, and an Assassination Plot

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Washington, October 12, 2011 | comments

No surprise here. I've chaired the terrorism subcommittee for several years. I've long warned about lawlessness and Hezbollah in Mexico. Yesterday, it came out for all to see.

More details about the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. will spill out. But what does appear clear is that Iranian operatives were looking to the Mexican drug cartels to do the hit. They went to Mexico because they thought they could seal a contract there. As the expression goes, you fish where the fish are.

Iranian terrorists in Mexico, huh. I have held hearings on our southern border highlighting a Hezbollah operative illegally crossing into the U.S. Witnesses in law enforcement have told me about this terrorist vulnerability on our southern border for years. One sheriff said, "for a price, you can move anything or anybody over that border." We better realize that border security is national security.

Today I'll hold a hearing with several witnesses who really know the score. "Narcoterrorism" is the topic. One witness is a former top DEA agent who led many investigations of terrorists and drug traffickers working together. The timing couldn't be better. More to come.

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