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Reps. Royce, Blumenauer Introduce Legislative Package Extending and Enhancing National Flood Insurance Program

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Washington, July 18, 2018 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, Representatives Ed Royce (R-CA) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced the NFIP Extension and Enhanced Consumer and Community Protections Act of 2018 (H.R. 6402) — a bipartisan package of eight bills from the House Financial Services Committee to reform and extend the National Flood Insurance Program through November 30, 2018.

H.R. 6402 includes common sense reforms to NFIP that ensure flood protections to those who need it while improving flood mapping and mitigation efforts that have previously passed the House with overwhelming support. Following introduction of the bill, Representatives Royce and Blumenauer released the following statements:

“As we near the peak of the 2018 hurricane season, it is vital for Congress to extend flood protections to millions of homeowners,” said Rep. Royce. “H.R. 6402 takes bold action that will steer NFIP towards a sustainable path by modernizing flood risk assessments and reducing the burden of repetitive loss properties.”

“The current flood insurance program keeps communities in harm’s way and costs taxpayers billions of dollars in the process.” said Rep. Blumenauer. “This bill is a small but important step toward much-needed reform of this troubled, fiscally irresponsible program. Congress should pass this legislation, but it can’t stop there.”


The full text of the NFIP Extension and Enhanced Consumer and Community Protections Act can be found HERE. NFIP is currently set to expire on July 31, 2018.

A section by section summary can be found HERE and copied below:

Sec. 1: Short title: NFIP Extension and Enhanced Consumer and Community Protections Act of 2018

Sec. 2: Extension of NFIP through November 30, 2018

Sec. 3: Repeatedly Flooded Communities Preparation Act
(Royce-Blumenauer/ Crapo-Brown)
Requires FEMA to have communities (1) identify the areas within the community subject to repeated flooding; (2) develop a community-specific plan for mitigating those repetitive risks and submit it to FEMA; (3) implement the plan; and (4) make the plan available to the public.
Votes: Passed the FSC as HR 1558 by voice vote; CBO = $0
Leg Text: Sec. 402 of HR 2874 (Duffy)  ||  Sec. 101 of S. 1571 (Crapo-Brown)

Sec. 4: Enhanced Increased Cost of Compliance coverage (Velazquez /Crapo-Brown)
Authorizes the FEMA Administrator to supplement its existing Increase Cost of Compliance (ICC) program (which is typically mandatory for many policyholders) coverage of up to $30,000 with the option of allowing policyholders to purchase additional enhanced ICC coverage up to $100,000, as priced accordingly by NFIP.
Votes: Similar provision passed the FSC as part of HR 2875 by 58-0; CBO =$0
Leg Text: Sec. 103 of S. 1571 (Crapo-Brown)  ||  Similar provision in Sec. 403 of HR 2874 (Duffy)

Sec. 5: Monthly Installments for Premiums (David Scott-Duffy)
Requires FEMA to allow policyholders to pay their premiums in monthly installments.
Votes: Passed the FSC as an amendment to HR 1558 by voice vote; CBO =$0
Leg Text: Sec. 106 of HR 2874 (Duffy)

Sec. 6: Premium rates for Certain Mitigated Properties (Zeldin/Crapo-Brown)
Authorizes FEMA to provide with credits when they use mitigation efforts required for buildings in dense urban environments.
Votes: Passed the FSC as part of HR 2868 by 53-0; CBO =$0
Leg Text: Sec. 113 of HR 2874 (Duffy)  ||  similar provision in Sec. 103 of S. 1571 (Crapo-Brown)

Sec 7: Maximizing CRS Credits for Communities (LoBiondo)
Requires FEMA to provide communities that have joined its Community Rating System program with appropriate credits for measures that protect natural and beneficial floodplain functions. 
Votes: Passed the FSC as part of HR 2874 by 30-26; CBO = $0
Leg Text: Sec. 401 of HR 2874 (Duffy)

Sec. 8: Studies on Participation Rates (Duffy/Crapo-Brown)
Requires FEMA, GAO, and bank regulators to report on NFIP participation rates for individuals subject to its mandatory purchase requirement.
Votes: Not marked up by FSC; estimated CBO = $0
Leg Text: Sec. 513 of HR 2874 (Duffy) and Sec. 503 of S. 1571 (Crapo-Brown)

Sec. 9: Disclosure of Flood Risk Information to Property Owners (Royce/Crapo-Brown)
Requires as a condition of NFIP insurance that the seller of a property disclose in writing the prior flood damage and flood insurance claims to that property, any NFIP designation as a Repetitive Loss or Severe Repetitive Loss Property, and the property mandatory purchase status.
Votes: Passed the FSC as part of an amendment to HR 2874 by voice vote; CBO = $0
Leg Text: Sec. 109 of HR 2874 (Duffy)  ||  Sec. 105 of S. 1571 (Crapo-Brown)

Sec. 10: Study on FEMA Buy-Out Program (Blumenauer-Sanford/Schatz-Scott)
Requires GAO to conduct a study of the FEMA’s flood loss buyout program, including the efficacy of current practices and ways to streamline the program to provide more timely assistance in the future.
Votes: Passed T&I by voice vote and the House Floor on voice; CBO = $0
Leg Text: H.R.5846 (Blumenauer-Sanford) ||  S. 2862 (Schatz-Scott)

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