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  • Iron Dome Proves its Mettle
    Nov 29, 2012  - What a difference a few years makes. That’s the speed that some military technology is moving – literally changing the battlefield. I was in Haifa, Israel in August 2006, when Hezbollah rockets rained down on that cosmopolitan city. Haifa’s port – a major artery in the Israeli economy – sat empty. T... More
  • Chairman of Foreign Affairs
    Nov 28, 2012  - Over the years, I have written over 350 Foreign Intrigue blog posts. Today there is news close to home. I’m honored to say that my colleagues have selected me as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee for the next Congress. I have been a Committee member since I first came to Congress. I took ove... More
  • Don’t take the spotlight off of Russia
    Nov 21, 2012  - Major trade and human rights legislation on Russia easily passed the House on Friday. It should go to the President’s desk immediately, without a provision being pressed in the Senate that would weaken the bill. The House bill accomplishes two priorities. First, by repealing a no-longer relevant Col... More
  • Information Battle
    Oct 23, 2012  - Right now, there is a battle taking place in the skies. Last week, Eutelsat – a French company that is one of Europe’s leading satellite providers - announced that it was terminating its contract with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) company. It immediately pulled 19 of Iran’s state-... More
  • Azerbaijan, J-Lo and the Axe Murderer
    Oct 17, 2012  - The Washington Post on Monday ran a glowing page-one article on the energy-rich, Caspian Sea nation of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is "coming to relish its role as the region’s anti-Iran, a secular, Western-leaning country that is working mightily to become everything that Iran is not." Iran is repressiv... More
  • A-Team’s Terror Drone
    Oct 10, 2012  - Then-Deputy Secretary of State Armitage quipped ten years ago about Hezbollah being the terrorist "A-team." They are living up to the ranking. Take the incident over Israel last weekend, only a blip in the U.S. press. On Saturday, an unmanned, unarmed surveillance drone entered Israeli airspace from... More
  • Venezuela’s Marathon
    Oct 9, 2012  - Venezuela’s strong-man Hugo Chavez won his fourth election as president over the weekend. It was a closer race than the 54% to 45% vote spread suggests. Henrique Capriles, a popular governor, gave Chavez his stiffest competition in a dozen plus years. Some even thought he could win. Wishful thinking... More
  • Sunshine on North Korea Again?
    Oct 2, 2012  - The United States isn’t the only country with a looming presidential contest. South Koreans will go to the polls in December. But no matter who wins, it seems that Seoul's North Korea policy will take an unfortunate U-turn. A few years back, incumbent President Lee Myung-bak made the South’s aid to ... More
  • A World Without Elephants?
    Sep 20, 2012  - "Do you want your children to grow up in a world without elephants?" asks an ecologist in an impressive piece of reporting in the New York Times the other week. Unfortunately, looking at trend lines, the question must be asked. After seeing this article, I got together to swap ideas with a senior St... More
  • Haqqani Network: What does it take to call terrorists terrorists?
    Sep 7, 2012  - An act of Congress, apparently. The Haqqani network is an Afghan and Pakistani insurgent group, based on the Pakistan side of the border in North Waziristan. Some call the Haqqanis "the Sopranos" of the Afghanistan war, a ruthless crime family that built an empire out of kidnapping, extortion and sm... More

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