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  • Sudan's Slick Deal
    Aug 27, 2012  - Earlier this month, Secretary Clinton waded into the oil dispute between Sudan and now one year old South Sudan. Readers will recall that while the oil is mainly in the south, the pipeline and port to get it to market are in the north. This economic dependence would ensure peace – at least that’s wh... More
  • Smoking Kills
    Aug 24, 2012  - This week, the Wall Street Journal reported on a European Union investigation into a tobacco company for possible sanctions violations. A Swiss-based unit of an Asian tobacco company is peddling cigarettes to Syria. So what's the big deal? As they say, where there's smoke, there's fire. The buyers a... More
  • Strongman Down
    Aug 21, 2012  - Big news out of the Horn of Africa this morning -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has died. His failing health had been a mystery for months. He was only 57, but had ruled Ethiopia for a quarter century. Like other African leaders, Meles came to power after his rebel group dislodged a repress... More
  • Egyptian Blinders
    Aug 14, 2012  - Generals pushed out, an intelligence chief sacked, airstrikes in the Sinai – Egypt is rather tense these days. Analysts are watching every event to forecast where this key country is headed. One nugget I weigh is Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s speech a few weeks ago. Taking the oath, the Muslim ... More
  • Cowardice of Olympic Proportions
    Jul 26, 2012  - The Olympics kick-off tomorrow in London. A lot of attention has been focused on the opening ceremonies – will the IOC allow a minute of silence to recognize the 11 Israeli victims of terrorism on the 40th anniversary of the Munich Games? I’ll always remember Jim McKay’s agonizing "they are all gone... More
  • Securing Syria’s Toxic Assets
    Jul 20, 2012  - Readers know that Syria is spiraling out of control. It is bloody, with many actors, inside and outside, playing for keeps. This much is clear: Bashar al-Assad’s days are numbered. Raising the stakes is the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons. Assad's stockpile includes mustard gas, sarin and VX, some ... More
  • No Safety in Timbuktu
    Jul 18, 2012  - “From here to Timbuktu.” The phrase conjures up images of a distant, almost mystical place. But it’s a real place, struggling with real threats. Timbuktu, Mali was once known for trade in gold, salt, and spices, which passed through the city heading north across the Sahara. It has been a center of r... More
  • Iran's Faux "Right"
    Jul 11, 2012  - No surprise, but negotiations over Iran's nuclear program are going nowhere. Of late, Iran has been making much – even including a power-point presentation - of its alleged "right" to enrich uranium, which is the heart of the dispute. Its uranium enrichment program leaves Iran perilously close to de... More
  • Give Africa a Break.
    Jul 3, 2012  - Columnist Nicholas Kristof had a good op-ed the past weekend, "Africa on the Rise." Many of the fastest growing economies in the last decade or so are in Africa. Kristof says, "Africa is becoming more democratic, more technocratic and more market-friendly." Maybe it's a "tiger economy," he suggests.... More
  • ‘Insuring’ a Rough Ride for Syrian Arms
    Jun 26, 2012  - You didn’t see it. No shots were fired. No naval showdown. But last week there was an important drama on the high-seas. "Financial warfare" forced a Russian ship en route to Syria to turn back. The Russian ship of shame was carrying about a dozen of Syria’s Russian-made attack helicopters. Dating ba... More

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