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  • Rep. Ed Royce's 8th annual Women's Conference set for CSUF
    Mar 14, 2016  - Rep. Ed Royce's 8th annual Women's Conference set for CSUF U.S. Rep. Ed Royce, in partnership with Cal State Fullerton, will host his 8th annual Women’s Conference on the CSUF campus later this month. Nina Davuluri, winner of the 2014 Miss America title, will serve as the conference’s keynote speake... More
  • Condoleezza Rice draws crowd to women's conference in Fullerton
    Mar 28, 2015  - FULLERTON – Swimming pools and drinking fountains still had “whites only” signs when Condoleezza Rice was growing up in Birmingham, Ala. She felt the weight of that persecution in 1963, after her kindergarten classmate was among the four girls killed when members of the Ku Klux Klan bombed Sixteenth... More
  • Condoleezza comes to town
    Feb 10, 2015  - Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be the keynote speaker for Congressman Ed Royce’s annual Women’s Conference on March 28 at Cal State Fullerton. The half-day seminar will cover topics of importance to women and will feature breakout sessions on personal finance, healthful living and c... More
  • "Royce hosts 5th annual Women’s Conference" from The Daily Titan
    Mar 25, 2013  - By Tiffany Johnstone and Samuel Montjoy for The Daily Titan--- Cal State Fullerton alumni Rep. Ed Royce hosted the fifth annual Women’s Conference, which focused on issues including health and safety on Saturday at the Titan Student Union. Author Kathleen Baty was the event’s keynote speaker. She ha... More
  • "Women Retool and Connect at Annual Conference" from
    Apr 2, 2012  - By Jennifer Karmarkar for -- Look forward, move ahead and don’t let fear rule you. That was the message television personality Mindy Burbano-Stearns delivered to more than 500 women at Rep. Ed Royce’s Fourth Annual Women’s Conference at Cal State Fullerton Saturday. Burbano-Stea... More
  • "Actress Kristen Bell Gives Keynote at Rep. Royce’s 3rd Annual Women’s Conference" from Red County
    Apr 6, 2011  - By Bryan Myrick for Red County -- Rep. Ed Royce hosted the third annual Women’s Conference on the campus of Cal State Fullerton this past Saturday, a free half-day menu of five seminars designed to give women the tools to succeed. Experts in the areas of financial matters, personal safety, stress ma... More
  • "Actress speaks at Women’s Conference" from the Daily Titan
    Apr 4, 2011  - By Sarah Fernandez for the Daily Titan -- Kristen Bell delivered the keynote address at the Third Annual Women’s Conference held at Cal State Fullerton hosted by Rep. Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) speaking about her efforts in working to raise awareness for the plight of Ugandan children. The half-day conf... More
  • "Lisa Ling thanks congressman for help freeing sister" from the Orange County Register
    Mar 27, 2010  - By Sarah Tully for the Orange County Register -- Journalist Lisa Ling's appearance at a women's conference wasn't just to give an inspirational speech Saturday. It also served as a reunion for the Ling family with a congressman and staff members who helped Ling's sister, Laura, get out of a North Ko... More
  • "Organizers gear up for Women's Conference at CSU Fullerton" from OC Metro
    Mar 24, 2010  - By Carol Starcevic for OC Metro -- Organizers are gearing up for the second annual Women's Conference, hosted by 40th District Rep. Ed Royce, which is set for March 27 at Cal State Fullerton. As many as 500 attendees are expected to descend upon the half-day event, which features five breakout sessi... More
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